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Jack In The Box Head Costume

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Phone: 323-382-5294

$80.00 Plus shipping or $80.00 if picked up in person
Shipping Prices to: Shipping takes 1-3 business days
CA $13.00
AZ $15.00
TX $27.00
WA $20.00
Email me for other states
*shipping can be a little expensive for some states because it is shipped in a 20X20X20 inch box (Jack has a big Head!) and it is shipped very good so it will get to you in a perfect condition!

*16 inch Diameter
*Styrofoam painted in white paint
*you can see through its eyes (mesh)
*Light weight
*You'll make people laugh and win costume constest
*foam inside so it will not wobble (more like a motorcycle helmet)
*eyes, hat, nose, and mouth are made from durable foam



Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: